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Keep Score Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

No personal information is collected or transmitted in the use of this software.

Game and scoring history, such as win/loss records and scoring statistics may be backed up online or synchronized between devices using standard protocols, but this information is not used by Sunlight Info Tech or any 3rd party for any reason.

Terms of Use

The statistical data stored by this application is for leisure.  Sunlight Info Tech, while doing our best to guarantee a reliable and enjoyable experience, provides no warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy of the information.  We assume no responsibility for inaccuracies or loss of game data arising from defects in the software or any other technical malfunctions.  In using the software, you acknowledge that such losses/inaccuracies are possible, and we expressly exclude liability for any such errors.

The concepts, images, and layout of this application are copyright and may not be distributed, transmitted, reproduced, or sold in any form without the prior consent of the copyright owner.  The features and content are subject to change without notice as the need arises.

This application does allow you to store web URLs linking to external websites for easy access to game rules, tips, and tricks.  We place no restrictions on these links and therefore, maintain no control of the content accessible indirectly from this application.  Sunlight Info Tech refuses all liability relating to the websites the users choose to store and the content it leads to, directly or indirectly. This app contains some preloaded sample games.  All these games, names, and trademarks are property of their respective copyright holders.  Furthermore, some of these preloaded games are pre-populated with links to rules from ‘’.  These links have been used with permission, but the two companies are separate and assume no responsibility for the content or experience when using each respective service.